The CrossField Reborn
A Letter from the ur-Lord

The Domani Pavilion
(from the 2005 Micronational Expo)

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Educational and Health Departments
  Domani School of Belief and Magick
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Other Departments
  Dreams and Faith E-zine
  Deep Dreaming Enterprises
  Feis Domani - "Feast of the Domain"
  The Balefire Awards

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The CrossField Reborn

The CrossField Reborn

"There's magick in believing..."

Welcome to the online presence of

The Domain and Realms of the Shadows and the Darkness.

Or just simply

The Domain.

Founded on December 21, 2001, the micronation known as the Domain began as a small nation of only three citizens. Since then, the population has grown steadily, and continues to grow still. We invite you to visit the many areas of ouor site listed on the left, discover who we are and what we're about, visit our new forum, and even apply for citizenship if you wish. But be sure you know what the Domain is all about before you apply.

Note: The Domain and Realms is an at-will nation. It has been so since its founding, and will continue to be so for however long it endures. To join the Domain is free and without restriction other than those stated in our High Laws. A belief in magick in any or all of its forms does help. The Domain and Realms is both open-doored and open-ended. You come of your own free will, and you leave of your own free will whenever you decide. This is a common trait of all micronations, and it is one that the Domain continues to exhibit to this day.

This is the main site for the Domain, and as such is still under construction. In the meantime, feel free to click on the midnight star to go to the mirror site. Check back here often to see how it's coming along. Also, the Domain has developed satellite sites on services such as Myspace and LiveJournal. Just follow the Satellite links to the left to visit them.

Once again,... welcome,... and Good Dreaming...

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