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Images of Majesty

List of Nations:


Grand High King James

Name of monarchy: Cocklpot

Full official name(s): The Grand High Kingdom of Cocklpot

Date of Foundation: May 21, 2021

Origin of name: "Just came to me while walking around one day." -His Majesty, Grand High King James

Demonym: Cocklpotian

Credo/motto: None


National Flag: The Flag Of Absolute Sovereignty - The colours of the flag are the national colours of Cocklpot. The Pied Butcherbird is the national bird of Cocklpot and represents freedom, creativity and curiosity. The crown represents the monarchy and the points represent the original five heirs to the throne with the gems being all six original members of the Royal family, while the sword facing up is for military and offensive strength. The Lions represent strength, nobility and courage, with the down facing sword meaning defensive strength and a wish for peace. The Southern Cross is an allusion to the nation coming from Australia and to their location in a geographical sense.

National anthem: None currently

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of StateHis Majesty, Grand High King James

Form of government: Absolute monarchy

Highest law: The Word of the King

Area/location(current): Australia

CapitalDuchy of Theeltus (De Facto)

Official Residence: Cocklpotian Royal Household

Population(current): 11

Official calendar: Gregorian

Common holidays and seasons: Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Winter

National holidaysSovereignty Day (May 21st), Purple Paw Remembrance Day (August 18th)

National religion(s): None

Official Language(s): Australian English, UK English

ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin

Arthur Pendragon Daeron

the LordVengeance, 


Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre

the Silent

ni VoceDeConscienza,

High Queen

Name of monarchy: The Domain

Full official name(s): The Domain and Realms of the Shadows and the Darkness

Date of Foundation: December 21, 2001

Origin of name: In reference to the nation being a domain of twenty-seven Realms.

Demonym: Domani

Credo/motto: "There's magick in believing." -Unknown


National Flag: The CrossField Reborn - Field divided into two halves.

The top half the color of black and grey impenetrable mists, representation of the Shadows: symbolizing the mystery of Reality.

The bottom half completely black, representation of the Darkness: representing the unknowns of Reality.

The Crux: a golden entanglement of seven symbols - a Cross, Ankh, Pentacle, Fairy Star, Medicine Wheel, Triquetra, and Awen - superimposed over both fields, symbolizing the myriad faiths and paths that comprise the Domain, and how we stand togeter to face head-on the mysteries and the unknowns of Reality.

There are twenty-seven stars on the CrossField: representing the twenty-seven current realms in the Domain. Those who have rulers are colored in silver. Those that have not yet acquired their First Rulers - and are subsequently under imperial rule until rulers can be appointed - are colored in midnight-blue. As more Realms come under rule, a blue star will be colored white on the flag, representing them. Currently, only two stars remain in blue.

On the bottom half, under the Crux, are three silver stars representing the current three Protectorate nations of the Domani Commonwealth: Eternal Moon, Lizard Mound, and Oracleum. As more nations potentially join the Commonwealth, more stars will be added. As nations leave the commonwealth, their stars will be colored blue.

Superimposed on the Crux is the Binary: a midnight-blue star rightside up, and a silver star behind it upside down, representing the Imperial District of Fantasia: from where the ur-Lord and High Queen rule the Domain.

National anthem: "My Sacrifice", by Creed

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of State: ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance and Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre the Silent ni VoceDeConscienza, ur-Lord and High Queen

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

Highest law: The Arad Doman

Area/location(current): Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, North America, and Europe

Capital: Caer RivenMyst, Fantasia I.D. (Dublin, Ireland)

Official Residence: The Temple Bar Stronghold

Population(current): 40

Official calendar: Gregorian

Common holidays and seasons: Yule, Christmas, New Year's Day, Day of Honor, Imbolc, The Greening, Ostara, Easter, The Cleansing, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh, The Changing of the Colors, Ban Aingeal, Samhain, All Souls' Day, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving

National holidays: Foundation Night (December 21)

National religion(s): None

Official Language(s): English(all types), Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Tolkien Elvish

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