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Welcome to the Realm of

Adamantia Bay Ring

       Named for one of the First Rulers' names, and in reference to the ring of lands surrounding the Chesapeake Bay (the Adamantia Bay),  the Realm of the Ring is the youngest of the founded Realms. It has a distinction of its lands being connected to both the Ocean of Storms and the Inland Seas: a trait it only shares with the neighboring Realm of Cascade to the North

       Lady Dame Danielle Adamantia Starhawk the Shieldmaiden ni DarkFyre and her husband, Lord Gary Neal, Founded and have held the Realm since 2015: ruling from their Royal Court on the shores o the Bay

       Life in the Ring is dominated equally by water and land: with the spine of the Tir na nOg Range running between the Realm's narrow coastline on the Shallow Sea, and the comparable vastness of the Bay and the Ocean. The Realm was once known as the Mists: due to the fog and mist-filled nature of the Range, even beyond the borders.


Stats and Information

Full N ame: The Realm of Adamantia Bay Ring

Pronounciation: Add-ah-man-tee-ah Bay Ring

Entymology: Named for one of the names of Lady Danielle ni DarkFyre, and in reference to the majority of the lands comprising the Realm ringed around the shores of the Bay.

Date Founded: October 31, 2015

Demonym: Adamantian, Bayener

Population(current): 1

Ruler(s): Imperial Administration

House(s): None at current time

Flag: The Shieldmaiden's Banner - The two swords on either side represent readiness in conflict, while the crossed swords represent vigilance in peace. The background outside the circle is the night sky over her Realm. Within the circle is the moon over the waters over the waters of the Chesapeake Bay: the Adamantia Bay that the Realm is named for. The fish and crab are representative of the life supported by the waters of the Bay itself. The circle of blue with the suns around it represent her guardianship of the Realm, under the light. The heron represents spirituality, freedom, independence, and balance, nobility and honor, as well as serenity, determination, and wisdom. In many cultures, the heron was a symbol of good luck and blessings. In Celtic culture it is a symbol of the water goddess Rhiannon, who helped travelers find their way. In other cultures, they were seen as representatives and messengers of the gods, and in general a reminder that when the time comes to act, act.

Anthem: "Stronger" by The Score

Provinces: None at current time

Royal District: Royal Capital Surrounds (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Queen Anne Counties, Maryland USA)

Royal Court: Caer Adamantia Waters (Annapolis, Maryland USA)

Royal Home: None at current time

Adamantian Provinces

None as yet.

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Chesapeake Bay - The Adamantia Bay

      The Chesapeake Bay (/ˈtʃɛsəpiːk/ CHESS-ə-peek) is the largest estuary in the United States. The Bay is located in the Mid-Atlantic region and is primarily separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Delmarva Peninsula (including the parts: the Eastern Shore of Maryland / Eastern Shore of Virginia and the state of Delaware) with its mouth of the Bay at the south end located between Cape Henry and Cape Charles. With its northern portion in Maryland and the southern part in Virginia, the Chesapeake Bay is a very important feature for the ecology and economy of those two states, as well as others surrounding within its watershed. More than 150 major rivers and streams flow into the Bay's 64,299-square-mile drainage basin, which covers parts of six states (New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia) and all of Washington, D.C.

       The Bay is approximately 200 miles long from its northern headwaters in the Susquehanna River to its outlet in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 2.8 miles wide at its narrowest (between Kent County's Plum Point near Newtown in the east and the Harford County western shore near Romney Creek) and 30 miles at its widest (just south of the mouth of the Potomac River which divides Maryland from Virginia). Total shoreline including tributaries is 11,684 miles, circumnavigating a surface area of 4,479 square miles. Average depth is 21 feet, reaching a maximum of 174 feet. The Bay is spanned twice, in Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Sandy Point (near Annapolis) to Kent Island and in Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel connecting Virginia Beach to Cape Charles.

     Known for both its beauty and bounty, the Bay has become "emptier", with fewer crabs, oysters and watermen (fishermen) since the mid-20th century. Nutrient pollution and urban runoff have been identified as major components of impaired water quality in the bay stressing ecosystems and compounding the decline of shellfish due to overharvesting. Restoration efforts that began in the 1990s have continued into the 21st century and show potential for growth of the native oyster population. The health of the Chesapeake Bay improved in 2015, marking three years of gains over a four-year period, according to a 2016 report by the University of Maryland. The bay is experiencing other environmental concerns, including climate change which is causing sea level rise that erodes coastal areas and infrastructure and changes to the marine ecosystem. These changes have already changed the coastline eroding islands like Holland Island or Long Island and threatening local infrastructure and economies.

       (from Wikipedia)

Backbone Mountain

       Backbone Mountain is a ridge of the Allegheny Mountains of the central Appalachian Mountain Range. It is situated in the U.S. states of West Virginia and Maryland and forms a portion of the Eastern Continental Divide. In the state of Maryland, Backbone Mountain reaches an elevation of 3,360 feet or 1,024 metres, making it Maryland's highest point.

      Backbone Mountain stretches approximately 39 miles (63 km) southwest to northeast, from the Black Fork near Hambleton in Tucker County, West Virginia to the Savage River Reservoir in Garrett County, Maryland.

       Located just inside of Maryland along Backbone Mountain is Hoye-Crest. At an elevation of 3,360 feet, it is the highest point in the state of Maryland. The location, named for Captain Charles Hoye: founder of the Garrett County Historical Society, has a marker and offers a view of the North Branch Potomac River valley to the east. The location is accessible via a path leading from U.S. Route 219 to the West.

        Crabtree Woods, on the northwest slopes of Backbone Mountain, is in the Potomac-Garrett State Forest. It constitutes Maryland's largest surviving remnant of old-growth forest: over 500 acres of mixed Appalachian hardwoods (sugar maple, red oak, basswood and cucumber tree).


       (from Wikipedia)

Mount Davis

         Mount Davis (3,213 ft or 979 m) is the highest point in Pennsylvania. Located in the 5,685-acre (2,301 ha) Forbes State Forest near the hamlet of Markleton in Elk Lick Township, Somerset County; it lies on a gentle crest of a 30-mile (50 km) ridge line extending from central Somerset County southward into Garrett County, Maryland known as Negro Mountain.

      The high point was named for John Nelson Davis, an early settler, American Civil War veteran, surveyor, and naturalist known for his studies of the mountain's flora and fauna. During the Civil War, Davis served in Company E, 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry.


      The summit of Mt. Davis may be ascended by car or a number of hiking trails. Its surroundings are noted for their patterns of unusual circular stone formed by periglacial action. A metal observation tower with a relief map of the region stands near the true high point. Mount Davis ranks 33rd on the list of highest natural points in each U.S. state. 

        (from Wikipedia)

Adamantia Bay Ring

is ruled under a



An aerial view of

Caer Adamantia Waters,

Former Royal Court of the Realm of

Adamantia Bay Ring,

on the shores of the Bay itself.


Caers, Shires, and Strongholds


Caer Adamantia Waters – Annapolis, Maryland

Caer Dragonhelm – Baltimore, Maryland

Caer Anthracite - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Caer Ortonasse Ngolwe (“Brotherhood Lore”) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Caer AngainaTirion ar Yanta - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Caer Elen Orod("star mountain") - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Caer Dolen Nyelle("hidden bell") - Allentown, Pennsylvania

Caer Lechauwitank("the place at the forks") - Easton, Pennsylvania

Caer Iroquois - Erie, Pennsylvania

Caer Celestia Narwa Vire (“Celestia’s White Rose”– Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

Caer Ninque Vire (“White Rose”) - York, Pennsylvania

Caer Lempe Kirma("five part") - Newark, New Jersey

Caer Calen Ondo("green stone"; named for the composition of nearby Mount

Catoctin) - Frederick, Maryland

Caer Anacostia - Washington, District of Columbia


Rainbow Hills - Klingerstown, Pennsylvania

Stormtide - Ocean City, Maryland


Stronghold of the Forks - Caer Elen Orod, Caer Dolen Nyelle, and Caer


Stronghold of the East{shared with Cascade} - Caer Palisades, Caer Hudson

Stronghold of the Mists{shared with FairyStone} - Caer Potomac and Caer Anacostia

Stronghold of the Roses – Caer Celestia Narwa Vire, Caer Ninque Vire

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