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Welcome to the Realm of


       Lumina is the eighth Realm of the Domain: coming into being January 19, 2002: beginning as the Realm of Roanoke, for the legendary Lost Colony whose island lies within the Realm. Formerly known as Roanoke: for the Lost Colony, it was Founded and given its current name - for the Moon - by the hand of its First and former ruler: Lady Threshezdalyn the Moon Nymph ni MoonGlow.

       The current ruler of the Dells is Lady Dame Serena DragonWolf ap Tuatha De Dannan ni Avani-Prajapala

       Divided into three Provinces representing the mountains, plains, and coastal areas of the Realm, Lumina - first known aas Roanoke after the island of the Lost Colony that lies in the coast of the Realm - fans out towards the Ocean of Storms from the spine of the Tir na nÓg Range. 


Stats and Information

Full Name: The Realm of Lumina

Pronunciation: Loo-min-ah

Entymology: Named for the Moon.

Date Founded: January 19, 2002

Demonym: Luminan

Population(current): 2

Ruler(s): Lady Dame Serena DragonWolf ap Tuatha De Dannan, OWWG

House(s): Avani-Prajapala (-M-)

Flag: The Moon - A full moon - the namesake of the Realm - in a dark-blue night sky, partially-obscured by clouds

Anthem: "Rainbow" by South Border 

Provinces: Mynyddoedd (The Tir na nÓg Mountain region), Cefn Gwlad (The Carolinan plains region), Traethau (The Coastal region)

Royal District: Rose De Dannan (Lancaster and Chesterfield Counties, South Carolina)

Royal Court: Caer Rose Sidhe (Lancaster, South Carolina)

Royal Home: Serenity Hearth

Luminan Provinces

Name of Royal District: Rose De Dannan

Location: Lancaster and Chesterfield Counties, South Carolina USA

Population(current): 1

Origin of name: "The Rose of Danu", for the mother goddess of the Tuatha De Dannan.

Ruler(s): Lady Serena DragonWolf

Name of province: Mynyddoedd

Location: The Tir na nÓg Mountain region

Population(current): 1

Origin of name: Welsh for "mountains" or "large hills", in reference to the Tir na nÓg that run through the Realm

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Cefn Gwlad

Location: The Carolina Plains region

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Welsh for "countryside", in reference to the plains and breadbasket of the Realm

Ruler(s): none

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Traethau

Location: The Carolina Coastal area

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Welsh for "beaches", in reference to the coastal area itself.

Ruler(s): none

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Jomeokee - Pilot Mountain

       Its name meaning "Great Guide" in the Saura Indian language, Jomeokee - known commonly as Pilot Mountain - stands at 1400 feet above the terrain in North Carolina, as a remnant of the ancient and eroded Sauratown Mountains

       A metamorphic quartzite monadnock, Pilot Mountain has two distinctive features: Big Pinnacle and Little Pinnacle. Big Pinnacle - called "The Knob" - has high and colorful bare rock walls, with a rounded top covered by vegetation. Visitors can take a paved road to the park visitor center and campgrounds, then up to a parking lot on the ridge. Trails from there allow access to the main Little Pinnacle Overlook and other viewing stations.

       Pilot Mountain is part of Pilot Mountain State Park, which extends to the Yadkin River via a corridor of land, and it is associated with nearby Horne Creek Living Historical Farm. The curved depression between the ridge slope to the Little Pinnacle and then to the round knob of the Big Pinnacle gives the entire mountain an even more distinctive shape from a distance. Other interesting rock formations are to the east at privately held Sauratown Mountain, and the higher complex at Hanging Rock State Park.

       (from Wikipedia)

The Angel Oak

       At approximately 500 years old, the Angel Oak stands in he center of his own Park on Jones Island. Named for the Angel Estate on the island, the tree stands at nearly 67 feet, with a 28 foot girth, and a spread covering more than 17,000 feet. He is the 210 tree to join the Live Oak Society.

       Local folklore tells stories of ghosts of former enslaved people appearing as angels around the tree.

       Due to concerns of damage to the tree, developers were challenged by the groups Save the Angel Oak and the Coastal Conservation League, eventually leading to the Lowland Country Trust - which the Domain periodically contributes to - purchasing the 17 acres adjacent to the oak in 2013 for its protection.

       (from Wikipedia)

Cape Hatteras

         Located on the Outer Banks: called an edge of the world by the ur-Lord on his visit in 2021, Cape Hatteras is one of the most beautiful and most high-risk areas during hurricanes and storms. As such is remains a focal point for the gathering of an immense amount of natural elemental power.

       Looking out off the coast into the part of the ocean dubbed the Graveyard of the Atlantic: because ships that risked using the currents off the cape were often lost off its shores for taking the risk, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore - named for the Hatteras Indians - protects parts of Hatteras, Ocracoke, and Bodie Islands. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: built in 1870, had to have its more than 4800-ton mass moved 2900 feet in 1999 to its current position due to severe erosion at it's former location.

       (from Wikipedia)


is ruled under a



An aerial view of downtown

Caer Rose Sidhe,

Royal Court of the Realm of Lumina,

at the heart of the Realm.


Caers, Shires, and Strongholds


Caer Rose Sidhe (Royal Court) - Lancaster, South Carolina USA

Caer LossaTessa ("snow hold") - Columbia, South Carolina USA

Caer Untokiasdiyi ("where they race") - Asheville, North Carolina USA

Caer Four Rivers - Charleston, South Carolina USA

Caer Angel Islands - Johns, Wadmalaw, Seabrook, Kiawah, Edisto, and Folly Islands, South Carolina USA

Caer Adsusheer - Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA

Caer Falls Lake - Raleigh, North Carolina

Caer Queen Anne's Revenge - Morehead City, Atlantic City, and Beaufort, North Carolina USA

Caer HarmonyMoon - Concord, North Carolina USA


Croatan - Manteo and Wanchese, North Carolina USA

Cailleach's Shell - Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo, North Carolina USA

Tempest's Beacon - Buxton, North Carolina USA

First Flight - Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina USA


Stronghold of the Moon - Caer Adsusheer and Caer Falls Lake

Stronghold of the Oak - Caer Four Rivers, Caer Angel Islands

       "Welcome to the Realm of Lumina: Home of the Carolinas (north side south). From the mountains to the Piedmont, and the beaches to the swamps, we have it all. We are a diverse group of Magick folk dedicated to preserving and protecting our home.

       We are nestled in the Royal District of Rose de Dannan, in the Royal Court of Caer Rose Sidhe. Our home base is at Serenity Hearth.

       We are a work in progress and should you have any questions or concerns my email:

       Good Dreaming and Blessed Be."

                     -Lady Dame Serena 

                         DragonWolf  ap Tuatha de 

                         Dannan ni Avani-Prajapala,

                       Ruler of the Realm of Lumina

                       Matriarch of House Avani-


                        Imperial Seer to the Domain

                        Order-General of the White 


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