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The Twenty-Seven Realms of the Domain

Here are listed the Twenty-Seven Realms that comprise the nation of the Domain.

In the history of our nation, we went from twenty-five Realms to twenty-seven, lost and replaced half as many Realm Rulers as we have Realm Rulers, reconstituted two of our Realms,  and a host of other milestones too numerous to name here. Even so, whether our activity and growth are fast or slow, we are constantly growing and on the move.

 It is shown here what areas in the world comprise the various individual Realms. "Imperial Administration" refers to those Realms that are either unfounded or currently without a ruler. Links to the individual pages for each Realm are in the menu on the right, so that you can peruse the pagers at your leisure. Enjoy, and Good Dreaming.

Fantasia, I.D.



Sil Magra

The Black Hills