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the Domain and Realms

Within the Arad Doman, provisions are set forth provisions for the formation of the Domani Commonwealth, which is loosely inspired by the British Commonwealth of Nations. It is Number 14 of the Articles of the Arad Doman, and is known as the Protectorate Clause:


Article XIV: The Protectorate Clause - At the discretion of the Imperium, and with sufficient reason and purpose, the Domain shall have the ability to create a protectorate nation, or accept an already-existing nation as a protectorate. The laws of such a nation must not conflict with the Arad Doman for as long as that nation is a Domani protectorate.

The protectorate nation shall enjoy all the freedoms of a sovereign nation, though the nation's government and ruler(s), as well as its people, shall be under the protection and limited governance of the Imperium. The citizens of said nation shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as any Domani citizen.

On the CrossField, a protectorate shall be represented on the lower half as a silver star. In the instance that said nation ceases to be a protectorate, the star shall be made gold. On the flag of the protectorate, a small version of the CrossField shall be displayed in the upper-right hand corner. In the instance that said nation ceases to be a protectorate, the representation shall be removed.

Once accepted by the Imperium a nation shall be a protectorate for a length of three years. At the end of that time, the citizens of that nation shall have the right to take a vote as to whether or not their nation remains a Domani protectorate. If the citizens of that nation choose to remain a protectorate, they shall be so for another three years before the vote can again be pursued. If they vote not to remain a protectorate, the Imperium shall release that nation, respecting its right to independence.

This Article shall be the basis and structure for the Domani Commonwealth.(05/14/05)


As a magical micronation that concerns itself with matters and people of magickal and spiritual natures, the Domain is geared to accepting into the Commonwealth political and independent entites of a magickal and spiritual nature. However, as we see that a strong micronational community is just as important, we are open to accepting non-magickal nations under our aegis, in the interests of helping new nations to maintain and grow, or to help other nations 

The Protectorate Clause was finally enacted in 2020, when the Domain began to sponsor and ally with supernatural, spiritual, and metaphysical entities, leaving the door open for other micronations, organizations, and entities to join in the future.

If your nation wishes to become a part of the Commonwealth, you must first make sure that your citizens have taken a majority vote in favor of doing so. 

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