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Noble and Commoner Houses

Listed below are the Houses - both Noble and Commoner - within the Domain and Realms. Provisions are made in the Arad Doman for nine Noble Houses and twelve Commoner Houses. As the population and diversity grows, we hope to see thye full compliment of Houses shown here in the future.

In the end, it is this quote that describes the role of the Houses, both Noble and Commoner:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that almost frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be so great?”Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us and that’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Marianne Williamson-


Noble Houses

House DarkFyre

Date founded: December 21, 2001

Founder(s): ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance and Snowaidene the Snow Queen

Current Patriarch: ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance

Current Matriarch: None

Adult Noble members(aside from the patriarch and/or matriarch): Lady Dame Blades SongDancer, Lady Dame Dragonfaire, Lord Sir Bear, Lady Dame Raven, Lady Dame Verna Maeve, Queen Dame Katherine RedWolf Calimahendi Rose DarkFyre, Lady Dame Danielle Pacifica Adamantia Starhawk the Shieldmaiden,  Lord Gary, Lady Dame Bonnie Blackwolf

Heraldry: The DarkFyre Heart: symbol and heirloom of the Family, Clan and House of DarkFyre, set upon three black leaves: representing past, present, and future. These are set upon the chest of a black-winged red dragon: representing strength, eternal perseverance, and power. To the left side is the raven: symbolizing communication, the discovering of secrets and the realms of the dead. To the right is a peregrine falcon: symbolizing speed, courage, nobility, farsight, and the realms of the Dreaming. Below and to the left, a wolf: representing the warding of paths and the guardianship of nature. On the lower right, a black stallion: representing dreams and the Astral Plane. All set upon a field of white: representing fate.

(The old heraldry - changed April of 2011 - was a field of white: representing fate, with three black leaves: representing the past, present, and future. The DarkFyre Heart is superimposed over the center leaf: symbolizing the spirit of the House as a whole.)

Description: It is said that House DarkFyre - the founding House of the Domain and Realms - was in existence long before the Domain and Realms came into being: when ShadowDarkFyre first discovered his name. Whether or not this is true will remain a mystery. What matters is the 'personality' of the House itself.

       Those of House DarkFyre are guardians and protectors. Not because that's what membership in the House calls for, for it doesn't. But because the majority of those within House DarkFyre are naturally like that in their souls. Protective and adoptive in nature, DarkFyres will always be found standing for the innocent or defenseless, and going after the guilty. Few, if any, can stand in the way of a determined DarkFyre. This is no better exemplified than when it comes to matters of family. DarkFyres would take on the world itself, if necessary, for the sake of keeping their families safe. Some are self-sacrificial to a fault that must oftimes be checked. Seeing as how the current Imperium is held by this house, DarkFyres see the Domain and Realms as that to be watched over; that they themselves are the nation's guardians.

       DarkFyres are protective, honorable, stubborn, and fierce when the need arises. They are relatively quiet-tempered, but woe to those who arouse a DarkFyre's anger. Few - IF any - can say they've actually come close to succeeding in backing a DarkFyre down from anything. To them, family is sacred. Innocence is to be preserved. And justice is to be served. That those who have joined this House are already of the same frame of mind as the ur-Lord only attests to the kindred spirit that permeates the House.

       House DarkFyre is a house of guardians that will never tire, regardless. It could be speculated that, even to the End of Days, House DarkFyre will still exist. Even if there's only one left among them.

       That speculation wouldn't be far from the truth.

Quote: "Against the ending and the beginning again of the world,... we hold..."

ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance,

Founder and ur-Lord of the Domain and Realms

House Nine Death Storms

Date founded: January 19, 2002

Founder(s): Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos

Current Patriarch: None

Current Matriarch: Lady Dame Atara Ariyasande Eve DarkFyre

Adult Noble members(aside from patriarch and/or matriarch): None

Heraldry: A field of blue, with a scales in the center(left half white, right half black). A silver heart placed in the white scale, a green skull placed in the black scale. The House arms as a whole represents the House philosophy of maintaining the balance between good and evil.

(The old heraldry was a field of navy-blue, with the same scales in the center. A red heart placed in the white scale, a regular skull placed in the black scale.)

Information: House Nine Death Storms (a.k.a. Stormers) is a House of people who are straight and to the point. They do not prefer to ‘beat around the bush’ in conversation, concern themselves with political correctness, or complicate matters beyond what is necessary. The balance of things in the inner and outer worlds is their primary concern, and they approach their task with an unspoken dedication.

       While Stormers are not much for the intrigue and maneuvering of politics, they are often found in this area due to their ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and deal with the issues at hand. They sport a loyalty to those they respect, but they are not blind followers, they will speak up about what they believe to be right and fair. They are unassuming in their appearance, but they are yet ever alert and watchful to everything around them.

       Stormers, in general, just prefer things to be as simple, balanced, and relatively uncomplicated as possible.(edited 1/22/2008, by Lord Wyrd Kaos)

Quote: "When in doubt, blow everything to hell!"

Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms,

First and former Ruler of Sil Magra

House VoceDeConscienza

Date founded: March 1, 2005

Founder: Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre, High Queen of the Domain

Current Patriarch: None

Current Matriarch: Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre, High Queen of the Domain

Adult Noble members(aside from the matriarch and/or patriarch): None

Heraldry: The field of green signifying hope and loyalty in love is the foundation of our home. Without love and hope the darkness fills us and makes us cold and bitter. The three mullets (5-pointed stars) are the sign of the third son and remind us of our ancestors and the sacrifices they made for us so we may continue. Finally the lion represents the courage we hold on to in the face of all challenges big and small that the world brings forth to test us. At the bottom upon a scroll is written the words, “vincit veritas”, which translated means “truth conquers”.

Description: House VoceDiConscienza is a home for all that welcome it into their hearts. Those that dwell in this home are of a tender spirit. They understand that not all things can be explained and yet believing is an answer. They are musicians and vocalists that find the magick of love and hope in creating sound and emotion into a delicate language that everyone understands. Beyond their musical talents, those of VoceDiConscienza are loyal, honest, simple, inquisitive, logical, and faithful not only to themselves but to all people common and noble in all worlds. Often these traits in the extreme can be construed as artistic arrogance when it is nothing more than our way of finding the words that we find so difficult to say. We speak so often through our music that words are difficult to fall from our lips without accompaniment.

       High Queen Xanthi chose the song, "Bells of Freedom" by Bon Jovi, to be the anthem of her House. When asked if she wished to give an explanation behind the why, her words were, "Nahhh. I think the song speaks for itself." Or something to that effect.

Quote: “Music is, and has always been, magickal if you take the time to listen with an open mind and heart.”

Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre the Silent

ni VoceDeConscienza,

High Queen of the Domain and Realms

and Ruler of the Dells

House MahtamaEetaheNehe

Date founded: February 27, 2008

Founder: Lady Dame MagikWolf

Current Patriarch: None

Current Matriarch: Duchess Dame Shawna Wolfhealer

Adult Noble members(aside from the matriarch and/or patriarch): Duchess Dame Kristathyst, Duchess Dame Shawna Wolfhealer

Heraldry: "The background is An Bhratach Náisiúnta: the Tricolor and National Flag of Ireland, representing Lady MagikWolf's Irish heritage and descent.

       Below this is a pool of water with ripples radiating and flowing out: representing the art and importance of healing.

       Above the center of the ripples is a bluebonnet: symbolizing MagikWolf's home state of Texas. Associated with Mars, the flower also promotes destiny and character.

       A flame is superimposed upon the bluebonnet, representing the fire of the spirit.

       Watching above all is the medicine woman: representing the path that Lady MagikWolf followed in her healing work.

Description: "My House is sanctuary. A place of healing all things in one's self: mind, body, spirit... Whether you do it just by the peace of being in the energy-filled house, or if you need some help... It's a place for any and all no matter their beliefs... It's a safe haven for the abused, lost, lonely..."

       House MahtamaEetaheNehe (the name itself is  is a House of healers of all types and kinds: particularly energy healers. But all Nobles who are healers are welcome within the bounds of this House.

Quote: "See how that works? How d'ya like me now!"

Lady Dame MagikWolf ni MahtanaEeneheNehe,

former Ruler of LoneStar

House Avani-Prajapala

Date founded: November 7, 2010

Founder: Lady Dame Tivona

Current Patriarch: None

Current Matriarch: Lady Dame Serena DragonWolf ap Tuatha De Dannan

Adult Noble members(aside from the matriarch and/or patriarch): Lady Dame Serena DragonWolf de Tuatha De Danaan, Lady Dame Kia Fauna Mills

Heraldry: The Native American Medicine Wheel to represent the 4 directions and the cycle of life. The Wren is for Resourcefulness and Boldness, it is in the Yellow for the direction of East for new beginnings. The Chameleon is for Psychic Abilities and Environmental Sensitivities, it is in Red for the direction of South for your passion in life. The Frog is for Transformation and Empathy, it is in the Black for the direction of the West for emotions and ancestors. The Cougar is for coming into your own Power and taking charge of your Life, it is in the White for the direction of North for Strength and Knowledge. The Rose represents Love. The Scottish Thistle represents an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility of character as well as of birth. The background of Green is for the Earth and for Healing.

Description: Those of this House see themselves as the Caretakers and Guardians of the creatures and plants of the Earth; whether of this physical plane or from Other places, dead or alive, mundane or magickal.

Quote: "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken." - Leo Tolstoy

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."- Mohandas Gandhi

"Everything happens for a Reason."

Lady Dame Tivona ni Avani-Prajapala,

former Ruler of Belle Terres

House Ogham Fews

Date founded: September 21, 2020

Founder: Lord Sir Mormaer MacClan

Current Patriarch: Lord Sir Mormaer MacClan

Current Matriarch: None

Adult Noble members(aside from the matriarch and/or patriarch): None

Heraldry:  Crest -Boars head Sable, Atop a golden helm, visor open, Or, (Gold), and affronté, (“to confront, face”). suggestive of Nobility and Ruler of a Realm incorporating the Silver, (Argent), Elven Star, (Mullet).

Mantling - Oak leaves, Vert, (Green), a nod to those said to be Descended from Cináed mac Alpin.

Supporters - Dexter, Right side, left for the spectator,Silver, (Argent), a Chimera of Unicorn and Dragon as Wyvern. Unicorn Head, (Canabibazon), The Mythological Animal found in Celtic Myth, symbolising purity, horn as a Spiral, (Movement of Magical Force), connecting to the Heavenly Bodies or Planetary Governors.

The Dragons Tail, (Catabibazon), in effect both together as Head and Tail the Nodes of the Moon- Past and Future, Good Luck, Bad Luck, Light and Dark, The Prima Materia of Alchemy that is transmuted to Produce the Philosophers Stone. Together with the following there is a combination of the Red and The White Tincture, a correspondence to the Image of Temperance also called Art, alluding to Alchemy.

Sinister - Left side, Right of The Spectator, a Lion Rampant, Red, (Gules), here it links with the aforementioned tinctures Red and White and as The Lion of Alba.

Shield - Fimbriated Or a Saltire Argent on a Field Azure, as per Bratach na h-Alba.

Charge- A Castile Argent Triple Towered Embattled, to represent the numerous towns of Celtica.

Motto - OMNI ARTE MAGISTAR a play on words of the Latin. Condensing the Motto, OMNI NUNC ARTE MAGISTAR, Now is the time for all thy masterly skill. OMNI ARTE MAGISTAR, Every Art Taught or Mastered. As magic and art are inextricably linked.

Description: The House of the Ogham Fews was founded 16th December 2019.

Ogham is a medieval language found on many standing stones throughout the Isles, it was used to communicate in Old Irish and Pict. There has been a connection between the Brythonic Bard Talesins - Battle of the Trees, where each tree corresponds to an Ogham character. Latterly romanticised works like Robert Graves - The White Goddess has promoted a seasonal calendar paradigm of Tree Magick that was taken up by the New Age Movement and for divination purpose. Ogham is often referred to as The Celtic Tree alphabet.

The word Fews is the Old Irish for Trees.

The purpose of the order was to support The Overall Domain and Realms Micronation in the situ of the various localities that make up the Realm of Celtica.

This dovetails with the prime purposes of The Domain and Realms, one of which is to be there to Represent members of the magical community. To preserve, obtain and pass on the knowledge of the various cultural and ethnic ancestors who once inhabited the realm.

To journey and obtain experiences of the diverse and often forgotten places within the realm so that those experiences may be made available to the present day. Protection of other practitioners and those old revered locations and the healing of the land and its inhabitants.


Magistar Sir Mormaer MacClan ap Ogham Fuse,

Ruler of  the Realm of Celtica


Commoner Houses

None As Yet...

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