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-The M.O.C.C.-

Name of nation/country/organization: the M.O.C.C.

Full official name(s): The Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross

Area of location(current): Primarily Tulsa area/Eastern Oklahoma, United States

Date of Foundation: Foundation Night, December 21, 2001; in Caer SnowCrystal, Fantasia I.D.

Capital: Muskoegee, Oklahoma

Residence: None

Form of government: De-centralized Constitutional Theocracy

Highest law: A constitution based on Brehon Law

Date of Alliance: Hand of Friendship exchanged 2014; alliance achieved 2018

Population(current): estimated 500 citizens.

Demonym: Moccii

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of State: currently represented by His Grace, Archdruid Thomas Harris, Tulsa Convocationary

Official calendar: Regular twelve-month calendar(January-December)

Common holidays and seasons: Christian, Wiccan, Earth-based, and Pagan holidays

National holidays:

Credo/motto: This declare above all. Healing and Light and Peace.

Origin of name: Derived from the fact that all branches of Druidism are known as Orders. Formerly known as the Circle General, the Circle of Joshua, and the Celtic College of Reformed Druidic Wicca, until obtaining its current name by Conclave in 1996. The missionary aspect of the name reflects their moto, which is also their mission statement.

National religion(s): None, though its culture is largely a mix of Celtic, Germanic, and Native American.

Official Language(s): Agamurii and Southern American English, Irish, Cymraeg, Spanish Latin, French German and Cherokee.

System of measurement: Imperial

National Flag:

"The main flag is the white Celtic Cross on a green background, of course. The green represents both Nature and growth, physical and spiritual. The Celtic Cross represents Truth (and our quest for it) and Light. The Light is a favorite part for our lightworkers. It also represents both Celtic culture, both Celtic Pagan and Celtic Christian, and the Native American Medicine Wheel. As the Medicine Wheel it is a spiritual compass, a map both geographically and in our Path of life." -His Grace, Archdruid Thomas Harris, Tulsa Convocationary of the M.O.C.C

National anthem: 'My Sacrifice', by Creed

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