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The Healers Hall


the Domain and Realms

Dame Christina DarkFyre,

Master of the Healers Hall

       The Healers' Hall is a division of the Domain and Realms in which healers come and work together for the specific purpose of aiding those in need of healing, learning, and attaining better health through a multitude of ways: magickal, spiritual, and otherwise.

       Founded in 2007 by the first High Queen of the Domain, and the first Master of the Hall: Snowaidene the Snow Queen, the Hall was formed into the sections of Energy (for those who heal through reiki and other paths of energy healing), Herbal (for resources pertaining to herbal and other plant remedies), Crystal (for healing methods using crystals and semi-precious stones), and The Hall Reference Library (for the gathering and archiving of useful information pertaining to healing and better health).

       Over time, in the ebbs and flows of the Domain, the Hall - like many of the other departments of the Domain - went dormant in 2015 with the departure of Snowaidene, until it was resurrected into service in the Spring of 2021, under new leadership.

       The Hall is now presided over by its new Master of the Hall: Dame Christina Druida MoChuisle Agnes Adraestia Mauri DarkFyre, OA, and is moving forward with a renewed purpose of service to the Domani and the wider communities. The Hall is currently looking to welcome new Masters for the Energy, Crystal, Herbal, and Reference Halls, as well as regular healers to come work together for the good of the community.

       Click the button below to go to the main site for the Healers Hall, and to connect with Dame Christina.

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