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       The thirteenth Realm of the Domain, Aquaterra earns its name well: a penninsula of land dominated on three sides by water, in much the same way as is the Realm of Orinoco far to the South.

       The Realm has had two rulers in its history, and lies under Imperial protection until it gains another.

       With two provinces whose names follow the path of the sun, there may not seem to be much to the Realm,... till one goes looking. There are stories that are told in the interior, tunnells of trees through forests to be traversed, hidden beaches and strands to be walked, seaside havens to find peace in, and places of ancient legends that seem in a dreamtime all their own.

       Amidst all this, is an obscure tale from within the interior of this Realm - once called Underbridge before being changed by its First Ruler, Lord Solace Soleil Boheme - concerning the wandering Isle of Avalon.


Stats and Information

Full N ame: The Realm of Aquaterra

Pronunciation: Ah-kwah-tare-rah

Entymology: Named for the Realm being surrounded on three sides by water.

Date Founded: March 6, 2002

Demonym: Aquaterran

Population(current): 0

Ruler(s): Under Imperial Administration

House(s): None at current time

Flag: Spirit Takes Flight - The fire and the dove are both symbols of the Holy Spirit. The flames symbolize God's Spirit burning within us and being the source of magick, and the symbolizes our sending of that spirit out into the world in the form of good deeds. The pentacle symbolizes the five elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether - surrounded by a circle of power.

Anthem: "Safe Place" by Staind

Provinces: Sunrise (Eastern Lower Penninsula Michigan), Sunset (Western Lower Penninsula Michigan)

Royal District:  None at current time

Royal Court: None at current time

Royal Home: None at current time

Aquaterran Provinces

Name of province: Sunrise

Location: Eastern half of the Realm

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for the Sun rising in the East over the Sea of Storms(Lake Huron) and the Shallow Sea(Lake Erie).

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Sunset

Location: Western half of the Realm

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for the sun setting over Senara's Cradle (Lake Michigan)

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

       Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a United States National Lakeshore located along the northwest coast of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in Leelanau and Benzie counties near Empire, Michigan. The park covers a 35-mile-long stretch of Lake Michigan's eastern coastline, as well as North and South Manitou islands.

      This Michigan park was established primarily because of its outstanding natural features: including forests, beaches, dune formations, and ancient glacial phenomena. The lakeshore also contains many cultural features: including the 1871 South Manitou Island Lighthouse, three former stations of the Coast Guard (formerly the Life-Saving Service) and an extensive rural historic farm district. In 2014, a section of the park was named the Sleeping Bear Dunes Wilderness by the United States Congress.

       (from Wikipedia)

       According to legend, there was a great fire on the Western shores of Senara's Cradle that drove a great mother bear and her two cubs to rush into the water for safety and swim for the opposite shore. Eventually, the mother bear made it to the shore at what are now the dunes, but the cubs lagged behind: exhausted from the swimming, and drowned just within sight of the shore. The mother bear, unwilling to give up, sat and waited for sign of her cubs, not giving up hope. Eventually, she fell asleep waiting for them. The Great Spirit - touched by the mother bear's love and devotion - raised up what are now the North and South Manitou Islands: each one encompassing where the cubs drowned. The Great Spirit then covered and blanketed the mother bear in the sands of the dunes: where her spirit slumbers to this day, waiting for her cubs. It is said that on the South end of the bluffs, you can see where she lies in watchful slumber.

The Mackinac Bridge

         Shared with and connecting the Realm to the Realm of Snowdonia, the Mackinac Bridge - called the Mighty Mac by locals in the area and in the whole of Snowdonia - is a suspension bridge that spans the five-mile distance across the Straits of Mackinac that connect Senara's Cradle (Lake Michigan) with the Sea of Storms (Lake Huron). Completed in 1957, the 26,372-foot-long bridge allows Interstate 75 to cross the Straits from one shore to the other, as well as allowing travelers to take the Michigan and Huron journeys of the Great Lakes Circle Tour.

       Watched over on the North end by the shire of Native Mission (St. Ignace, Michigan) and on the South end by the shire of Three Fires Council (Mackinaw City, Michigan), the Mighty Mac stands as awe-inspiring evidence of human engineering and the difficulties faced in making it a reality: having cost four summers, $100 million dollars, and the lives of five workers.

       Today, the Mighty Mac - itself its own legend - has seen millions of motorists cross its span as they journey between the two Realms: a silent guardian on the Straits between the two seas.

Briar Hill

         Briar Hill, at 1,706 ft, is the highest point in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It is entirely within the Manistee National Forest. The area was carved out during the last ice age, and retreating glaciers left large deposits of sand, which created Briar Hill and the nearby Caberfae Hills.

       The region is subject to heavy lake-effect snow from Lake Michigan. No official weather records are maintained on the hill. Fauna in the area includes black bears, coyotes, fisher, marten, mink, white-tailed deer, gray and red foxes, porcupines, river otters and beavers. Access to the area requires bushwhacking as there are no marked trails.


       (from Wikipedia)


is ruled under an



A view of downtown

Caer Grimstone,

Former Royal Court of the Realm of Aquaterra

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