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Images of Majesty

List of Nations:


Name of monarchy: Ruritania

Full official name(s): The Kingdom of Ruritania

Date of Foundation: 1967

Origin of name: Named for the fictional Kingdom of Ruritania from the Anthony Hope novel, "The Prisoner of Zenda"

Demonym: Ruritanian

Credo/motto: None


National Flag: The Flag Of Ruritania

National anthem: “See Now The Conq’ring Hero Comes” by Handel

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of StateQueen Anastasia Sophia Maria Helena von Elphberg

Form of government: Absolute monarchy

Highest law: The Word of the King

Area/location(current): Europe

Capital: Strelsau

Official Residence

Population(current): 300

Official calendar

Common holidays and seasons: Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Winter

National holidaysSovereignty Day (May 21st), Purple Paw Remembrance Day (August 18th)

National religion(s): None

Official Language(s): Australian English, UK English

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