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Images of Majesty

List of Nations:


Name of monarchy: Ruritania

Full official name(s): The Kingdom of Ruritania

Date of Foundation: 1967

Origin of name: Named for the fictional Kingdom of Ruritania from the Anthony Hope novel, "The Prisoner of Zenda"

Demonym: Ruritanian

Credo/motto: None


National Flag: The Flag Of Ruritania

National anthem: “See Now The Conq’ring Hero Comes” by Handel

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of StateQueen Anastasia Sophia Maria Helena von Elphberg

Form of government: Absolute monarchy

Highest law: The Word of the King

Area/location(current): Europe

Capital: Strelsau

Official Residence

Population(current): 300

Official calendar

Common holidays and seasons: Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Winter

National holidaysSovereignty Day (May 21st), Purple Paw Remembrance Day (August 18th)

National religion(s): None

Official Language(s): Australian English, UK English

Official State Standard.png
Official Royal Standard 2.png
Coat of Arms of the State.png
Coat of Arms of the HRM King 2.png

Name of monarchy: Wescocia

Full official name(s): The Kingdom of Wescocia

Date of Foundation: October 5, 2022

Origin of name: Randomizer of imaginary country names gave me the result of "Wescioca", then I slightly rearranged letters, and the name "Wescocia" was born. (although a day later I looked up Wescocia on Google and Escocia came up which is basically Scotland in Portuguese)

Demonym: Wescocian or Wescian

Credo/motto: Ave Rex et Patria

Website: Down for upgrading

National Flag: The Kingdom of Wescocia possesses two national flags - a National Standard (three color horizontal bars of Black, White, and Blue colors which stand for Determination, Peace, and Liberty, with the Wescocian symbol in the middle) and the Royal Banner of Arms (the coat of arms of the country depicting the provinces of Louford and Tudving - in the Dexter Chief and Sinister Base - that came together to form the Kindom and personal coat of arms of the King Arsen Rochelart and House of Rochelarts as a whole - in the Sinister Chief and Dexter Base - with a shield of Struice Province which is the heart province of the country and Wescocia in the middle.)

National anthem: None at the moment

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of StateHis Royal Majesty King Arsen Rochelart: Monarch, 

His/Her Excellency the Prime Minister (Vacant): Head of government.

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

Highest law: Constituion and Monarch

Area/location(current): New York City, United States of America

Capital: Ospax

Official Residence: King's Palace | Prime Minister's Residence at Elmwood Street

Population(current): 9

Official calendar: Gregorian

Common holidays and seasons: Sovereignty Day - (May 22nd), National Symbols Day - (July 5th), Rule of House of Rochelarts Honoring - (July 6th), Constituion Day - (July 14th), Foundation of the Kingdom of Wescocia Day and Royal Day - (October 5th), Old Year Farewell Day - (December 31st)

National holidays: New Years - (January 1st), Thanks Giving Day - (Any date of Novemeber that falls on Fourth Thursday of the month), Christmas Eve - (December 24th), Christmas (December 25th),
National religion(s):: Secular State (Major: Orthodox Chrisitianity)

National religion(s): None

Official Language(s): American English, any other English.

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