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Realm of FairyStone

       Named for the legendary fairystones found within the Realm, FairyStone is the second of the three Founding Realms of the Domain.

       Comprised of the American states of Virginia and West Virginnia, FairyStone is one of the Realms that lie along the length of the Tir na nOg Mountains (Appalachians). Bordered by four neighboring Realms and the waters of the Ocean of Storms (Atlantic Ocean), there is as much hidden and active in this Realm as in the others that are balanced upon the ancient Range.

Four Rulers have served FairyStone in its history, Now, once again vacant, it waits for its fifth.


Full Name: The Realm of FairyStone

Pronunciation: Fair-ee-stone

Entymology: Named for the fairystones found within Fairystone State Park, Virginia.

Date Founded: December 21, 2001

Demonym: Faerum

Population(current): 1

Ruler(s): Imperial Administration

House(s): None

Flag: The Fae - Top half in purple, representing royalty. Bottom half in silver, representing purity. Two energysabers: one green and one blue, crossed and superimposed, representing the honorable warrior spirit of FairyStone's First Ruler. A rearing silver pegacorn with wings spread: representing the spirit of FairyStone - magick and purity in flight, superimposed over the sabers, with a fairystone on its neck: representing the heart of FairyStone - the fairystones that can be found in Fairystone State Park, Virginia.

Anthem: "Oor Hamlet", by Martin Carthy

Provinces:  MountainMist (West Virginia), Yama No Yosei Komichi (Western Virginia), OceanSpray (Eastern Virgina)

Royal District: None

Royal Court: None

Royal Home: None

Faerum Provinces

Name of province: MountainMist

Location: West Virginia

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for the mists and fog common within the Appalachian Mountains of the state.

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Yama No Yosei Komichi

Location: Western Virginia

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Japanese for (Mountains of Faery Paths), signifying the influence and existence of the Fae in the mountains.

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: OceanSpray

Location: Eastern Virginia

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named in reference to the Atlantic coastline that makes up its Eastern border

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Fairystone State Park

       Located in Patrick County, Virginia, the park holds its namesake and the namesake of the Realm: the legendary fairystones, known as staurolites. These stones are also found in the American states of Georgia, Idaho, New Mexico, and Minnesota; as well as in the countries of Switzerland and Norway. 

       According to legend, the fairystones - which take the shape of various types of crosses - came to be little less than two millenia ago. The Fae of the area, and possibly of the other locations, were gathered for the Equinox, when an Elvish messenger arrived telling the tale of the Crucifixion of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) . Upon hearing the news, the Fae wept. Where their tears fell, the stones known as staurolites rose up from the ground. The Fae were said to never return to the area again,... but the fairystones have long brought protection and good fortune to those who find them. To this day, they can still be found in Fairystone Park and the other places in the world.

       (Wikipedia link)

The Great Dismal Swamp

       The Great Dismal Swamp is a large swamp in the Coastal Plain Region of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, between Norfolk, Virginia, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. It is located in parts of the southern Virginia independent cities of Chesapeake and Suffolk and northern North Carolina counties of Gates, Pasquotank, and Camden. Some estimates place the size of the original swamp at over one million acres.

       Lake Drummond, a 3,100-acre natural lake, is located in the heart of the swamp. The lake, a circular body of water, is one of only two natural lakes in Virginia. Along the Great Dismal Swamp's eastern edge runs the Dismal Swamp Canal, completed in 1805.

       The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1973 when the Union Camp Corporation of Franklin, Virginia, donated 49,100 acres of land after centuries of logging and other human activities devastated the swamp's ecosystems. The refuge was officially established through the Dismal Swamp Act of 1974, and today consists of over 112,000 acres of forested wetlands. Outside the boundaries of the refuge, the state of North Carolina has preserved and protected additional portions of the swamp through the establishment of the Dismal Swamp State Park. The park protects 22 square miles of forested wetland.

       A 45,611-acre remnant of the original swamp was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1973, in recognition of its unique combination of geological and ecological features.

       According to the tale, "Wicked John and the Devil" (a story in Grandfather Tales, a collection of folktales edited by Richard Chase), there was a man whom even the Devil feared. When he died, he was given a red-hot coal by the Devil, and told to go to the Great Dismal Swamp to make his own hell.  It is said he can be seen wandering the swamp at night with his red-hot coal.

       (From Wikipedia)

The Grave Creek Mound

       The Grave Creek Mound in the Ohio River Valley in West Virginia is one of the largest conical-type burial mounds in the United States, now standing 62 feet high and 240 feet in diameter. The builders of the site, members of the Adena culture, moved more than 60,000 tons of dirt to create it about 250–150 BC.

       Present-day Moundsville has developed around it near the banks of the Ohio River. The first recorded excavation of the mound took place in 1838, and was conducted by local amateurs Abelard Tomlinson and Thomas Biggs. The largest surviving mound among those built by the Adena, this was designated a National Historic Landmark in the mid-20th century.

       In 1978 the state opened the Delf Norona Museum at the site. It displays numerous artifacts and interprets the ancient Adena Culture. In 2010, under an agreement with the state, the US Army Corps of Engineers gave nearly 450,000 artifacts to the museum for archival storage. These were recovered in archeological excavations at the site of the Marmet Lock, and represent 10,000 years of indigenous habitation in the area.

       (From Wikipedia)



is ruled under an



An aerial view of downtown

Caer Golden River,

Royal Court of the Realm of FairyStone:

shown sitting along its namesake.


Caers, Shires, and Strongholds


Caer Golden River (Royal Court) - Fredricksburg, Virginia USA

Caer Sybersong - Martinsville, Virginia USA

Caer Willowwood - Richmond, Virginia USA

Caer Minhiriath - Berkeley Springs and Cherry Run, West Virginia USA

Caer Potomac - Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia USA


Tu-Endie-Wei - Point Pleasant, West Virginia USA


Stronghold of the Mists (shared with Adamantia Bay Ring) - Caer Anacostia, Caer Potomac

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