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Realm of Sil Magra

       The third of the three Founding Realms of the Domain, the origins of the name Sil Magra - given by the Realm's First Ruler: Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms - remain a mystery.

       Comprised of the American states of Kentucky and Tennessee, Sil Magra is one of the Realms that lie along the length of the Tir na nÓg Mountains (Appalachians), and also has the distinction of being one of only two Realms to lie both along the Tir na nÓg and the Old Man River. Bordered by six neighboring Realms, it holds many secrets and places of power. Among them, the Mammoth Cave: whose system is rumored by legend and myth to be a gateway into the mythical inner land of Agartha.

       Sil Magra also has the distinction of having been ruled for the majority of its existence - from beginning to end - by one single Ruler: Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms. That rule ended by his abdication in 2018, the Realm has since been ruled by the daughter of ur-Lord ShadowDarkFyre: Lady Dame Atara Ariyasande Eve DarkFyre ni Nine Death Storms.

Full Name: The Realm of Sil Magra

Pronunciation: Sill Mah-grah

Entymology: Named by the Realm's First Ruler, Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms. The meaning of the name remains a mystery.

Date Founded: December 21, 2001

Demonym: Sil Magran

Population(current): 6

Ruler(s): Lady Dame Atara Ariyasande Eve DarkFyre, OAG

House(s): Nine Death Storms (-M-)

Flag: Bastet's Claw - The Bastet tribal claw upon a field of black. As it is much like the First Ruler of Sil Magra, the flag is simple and not very ornate, but it represents more than what is obvious to the naked eye. The Bastet claw is representative of Lord Wyrd Kaos' ties to the Bastet world, as it is rumored that their blood runs in his veins. His love of felines of any shape and size reflects this possible rumor as being more than. The field of black represents the past and the unknown. In Lord Wyrd you would find much of either. His past is as the field: black and unknown even to himself. There are theories as to how and why this is, but mostly he kept much to himself: shrouded in a cloak of mystery until such time as it must burst forth as directed by need and desire. So it is with the Realm.

Anthem: "Headstrong", by Trapt

Provinces:  Spirit's Whisper (Western and Central Tennessee), Fasinthe'Iaur (Eastern Tennessee), Blackheart's Rest (Western Kentucky), Sengiya's Haven (Central Kentucky), Turin's Retreat (Eastern Kentucky)

Royal District: Shelby (Shelby County, Tennessee USA)

Royal Court: Caer Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee USA)

Royal Home: Caer naFae (House of the Fae)

Sil Magran Provinces

Name of Royal District: Shelby

Location: Shelby County, Tennessee USA

Population(current): 1

Origin of name: Named for the county itself.

Ruler(s): Lady Atara Eve

Name of province: Spirit's Whisper

Location: Western and Central Tennessee

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for the First Ruler of Sil Magra: Lord Wyrd Kaos, under an earlier name of Lord Spirit Talker

Ruler(s): None at current  time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Fasinthe'Iaur

Location: Eastern Tennessee

Population(current): 5

Origin of name: Elvish for "Old Twilight", presumably in reference to the mountains of the region

Ruler(s): Lady Dame Blades SongDancer ni DarkFyre

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Blackheart's Rest

Location: Western Kentucky

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for one of the three spirit guides of Sil Magra's First Ruler: Lord Wyrd Kaos

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Sengiya's Haven

Location: Central Kentucky

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for one of the three spirit guides of Sil Magra's First Ruler: Lord Wyrd Kaos

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Turin's Retreat

Location: Eastern Kentucky

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for one of the three spirit guides of Sil Magra's First Ruler: Lord Wyrd Kaos

Ruler(s): None at current time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Mammoth Cave

       Mammoth Cave National Park is an American national park in west-central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world.

       Since the 1972 unification of Mammoth Cave with the even-longer system under Flint Ridge to the north, the official name of the system has been the Mammoth–Flint Ridge Cave System. The park was established as a national park on July 1, 1941, a World Heritage Site on October 27, 1981, an international Biosphere Reserve on September 26, 1990 and an International Dark Sky Park on October 28, 2021.

       The park's 52,830 acres are located primarily in Edmonson County, with small areas extending eastward into Hart and Barren counties. The Green River runs through the park, with a tributary called the Nolin River feeding into the Green just inside the park. Mammoth Cave is the world's longest known cave system with more than 420 miles of surveyed passageways, which is nearly twice as long as the second-longest cave system, Mexico's Sac Actun underwater cave.

       (from Wikipedia)

       According to legend and superstition, somewhere within the Mammoth Cave system lies a passage to the Inner Earth. Perhaps down the forgotten Blackall Avenue to Symmes' Pit.

Bicentennial Mall

       Located in the shadow of the Capitol in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, Bicentennial Capitol Mall gives visitors a taste of Tennessee’s history, natural wonders and serves as a lasting monument to Tennessee’s Bicentennial Celebration, which was June 1, 1996. With just a simple walk in the 11-acre park visitors can experience many facets of Tennessee’s history including a 200-foot granite map of the state, a World War II Memorial, a 95-Bell Carillon, a Pathway of History and the Rivers of Tennessee Fountains. The 11 planters along the Walkway of Counties show native plant species from different regions of the state. 

       During the urban building boom in downtown Nashville during the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Tennessee State Capitol disappeared from sight on the east, west and south sides. The northern side of the Capitol was not conducive to the construction of skyscrapers due to the swampy conditions that existed in many areas between the Capitol and the Cumberland River. Because of its natural attributes, the historic French Lick that attracted wildlife, Native Americans, trappers and settlers to what would become Nashville also preserved the remaining view of the Capitol and became the home of the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

       The bells at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park are one of the most popular attractions for visitors. The bells are part of a "Carillon", which means the bells reside in towers and are played with either a keyboard or, in this case, an automated pattern. The bells ring all day between the house of 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM. First, they ring on the quarter hour (example: 1:15) and then play a full Tennessee song at the top of each hour (example: 1:00). Visitors enjoy standing in the midst of the bells when they are ringing and playing for an immersive musical experience.

        The park features a 2,000-seat amphitheater that provides dramatic views of the Nashville skyline. Composed of terraced lawns, the amphitheater was designed after the Greek theater at Epidaurus.

       (From the website)

       It is thought by some that the placement of the Mall, in addition to all the particular features in the Mall itself, make it a possible crossroads of paths and trods to different dimensions. Others claim that the layout of the Mall links it in design to the legendary Mount Meru.

Clingman's Dome

       Known as Kuwahi (Cherokee for "mulberry place"), Clingman's Dome - at 6,643 feet -  is the highest point in Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Appalachian Trail. The Mountains-to-Sea Trail of North Carolina begins here as well, terminating at Jockey's Ridge on the Outer Banks. The Dome is also part of the Southern Appalachian Spruce-Fir Forest: which is being decimated by the  balsam wooly adelgid.  

       Part of the Copperhill Formation, the Dome is comprised of metagreywacke and metaconglomerate: with quartz, garnet, and muscovite contained within its composition.

       According to a Cherokee myth recorded by ethnologist James Mooney in the late 19th century, the mountain was the home of the White Bear, the great chief of all bears, and the location of one of the bears' councilhouses. The enchanted lake of Ataga'hi ("Gall Place"), the waters of which could cure wounded bears, was believed by the Cherokee to be located somewhere between Clingmans Dome and the headwaters of the Oconaluftee River to the East.

       (From Wikipedia)

Sil Magra

is ruled under a

Nine Death Storms


An aerial view of downtown

Caer Memphis,

Royal Court of the Realm of Sil Magra:

shown sitting along the Old Man River.

Sil Magran

Caers, Shires, and Strongholds


Caer Memphis (Royal Court) - Memphis, Tennessee USA

Caer Ened Tal ("Middle City") - Nashville, Tennessee USA

Caer Orodn'een ("Lookout Mountain") - Chatanooga, Tennessee USA

Caer Panther Creek - Morristown, Tennessee USA

Caer Magetowers - Louisville, Kentucky USA

Caer Southbluff - Covington, Kentucky USA

Caer Numen Til ("West Point" - West Point Kentucky USA


Mammoth - Cave City, Park City, and Horse Cave, Kentucky USA

Uwagohi Echo - Ocoee, Tennessee USA

Raven Cliff Hold - Helen, Georgia USA


Stronghold of the Bluffs (shared with Snake Mound) - Caer Northbluff, Caer Southbluff

Stronghold of the Falls (shared with Plainitia) - Caer Magetowers, Caer Devonian Falls

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