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Images of Majesty

Welcome to Images of Majesty.

Some years ago, there was a site known as Images of Majesty: in which micronational monarchies were displayed. The former owner of the site decided to step away from it, and left it in the hands of ur-Lord ShadowDarkFyre to maintain. Time and life happened, however, and the project was left in mothballs, untl now.

Images of Majesty's purpose is the display and exposure of the monarchies that exist within the micronational community: from the smallest to the transcontinental. Fron constitutional to absolute. We look to show the patchwork quilt of micronational monarchial society.

Follow the links to learn more about the micronational monarchies listed here. If you are the leader of a micronational monarchy, and would like to have your nation displayed in Images of Majesty, follow the link below to the submission form.

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