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Images of Majesty

Monarchy Submission Form

If you are a leader or citizen of a micronational monarchy, fill out the form below. 

Images of national flags and other symbols can be emailed to, with the name of the nation itself and the word "symbols" in the subject line, after the form is submitted.

Name of Monarchy:*

Full Official Name:*

Date of Foundation:*

Origin of Name/Entymology:*



Website (if any):

Email Address*

National Flag:*

National Anthem:*

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of State:*

Type of Monarchy:

Highest law/Law of the land:*

Area/location (current):*


Official residence:

Population (current):*

Official calendar:

National holidays:

Common holidays and seasons:

National religion(s):

Official language(s):*

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