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-Lizard Mound-

Name of Protectorate: Lizard Mound

Full official name(s): The Freehold of Lizard Mound

Area of location(current): Lizard Mound State Park, Farmington, Wisconsin

Date of Foundation: Ancient Times

Capital: The park itself

Residence: The park itself

Form of government: Monarchy

Highest law: The  Arad Doman, the Accords

Date of Entry into the Commonwealth: February 27, 2022

Date of next Commonwealth Vote: February 27, 2025

Population(current): Unknown

Demonym: None

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of State: Leinsig the Brave, Prince of the Forest

Official calendar: Unknown

Common holidays and seasons: Unknown

National holidays: Unknown

Origin of name: Lizard Mound State Park holds within it 28 protected effigy mounds. The eponymous and distinctive Lizard Mound itself is namesake for both park and freehold.

National religion(s): Unknown

Official Language(s): Forest, Wind

System of measurement: Unknown

Flag: Lizard's Vigil - A background of grass, ringing an image of a grassy hill  with trees growing, and an image of the eponymous Lizard Mound for which both park and freehold are named, weaving through the trees.

National anthem: None

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