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Domani Imperium
Imperial Council

Imperial Council

ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance
Servant of the One Above All
ur-Lord and Guardian of the Domain and Realms of the Shadows and the Darkness
Guardian and Protector of the Arad Doman
Founder and Leader of the Order of the Starcross of Lightning
Knight-Warrior and WarChild of the Star-Cross Shield
Founder and Patriarch of House DarkFyre
Guardian and Wielder of the DarkFyre Heart
Commander-in-Chief of the Domani Knightly Orders
Wielder of the Unforged, the Silent, the Enraged, the Vigilant, the Orni-Maane, the Flame, the Cruxes, and the Lost Warrior
Lord Wolfen Argentiel Regonereth the Unforgiven
Prince Namarie the Broken, son of Telperion and Laurelin, of the Forest of Eternal Moon
Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Viking Empire of Stormark's Most Illustrious Imperial Order of Sleipnir
Bearer of the Shield of Tara
Ard Ri upon the Hill

Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre ni VoceDeConscienza
High Queen and Guardian of the Domain and Realms of the Shadows and the Darkness
Ruler of the Realm of the Dells
Founder and Matriarch of House VoceDeConscienza
Truthspeaker to the Imperium
Lady of the Dragons of Senara's Cradle
Scion of Tara

Lady Dame Raven ni DarkFyre
Commander under the Imperium of the Knightly Orders of the Domain and Realms
Co-Ruler of the Realm of ArkenStone

Lady Dame Serena DragonWolf ap Tuatha De Danaan ni Avani-Prajapala
Seer to the Imperium
Ruler of the Realm of Lumina