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Welcome to the Celtican Province of

Alba Caledonia

       Alba Caledonia is the first of the  Celtican provinces to be established, being founded in 2022. by the hand of its First and current ruler: Lord Sir Mormaer MacClan ap Ogham Fuse

       Founded in 2005 by then-Lady Xanthi Senara the Silent ni VoceDeConscienza (now High Queen Xanthi Senara), under then-Dellian Ruler Lady Dame Kristathyst ni DarkFyre (now Duchess Dame Kristathyst ni MahtamaEetaheNehe of the Riverlands), the Rolling Hills is a province dominated by forests in the North, rivers in the South, and rolling quartzite hills and moraines throughout. 

Rolling Hills

Stats and Information

Full Name: The Celtican Province of Alba Caledonia

Date Founded: January 17, 2002

Entymology: A combination of two of the ancient names of Scotland. Alba, from the name Albion, itself from the Indo-European word for "white". Caledonia, being the Roman - and later romantic - name for Scotland, meaning "possessing hard feet": alluding to steadfastness and endurance.

Population(current): 0

Ruler(s): None at current time

House(s): Ogham Fuse

Provincial Pennant: The Standard of Alba - The Mississippi River running through the hills and bluffs of the surrounding landscape. The four symbols - the flower, ear of corn, red leaf, and snowflake - are representative of the Four Seasons of the year.

Note: The original flag image - created by former-Lady Dame Kristathyst ni DarkFyre: the first Lady of the province - was lost to time. The current Pennant is a recreation/update of the original - according to her specifications - by the Domani Imperial Vexillology Department, circa 2022. 

Duchies: The Northwoods (Northern Wisconsin), The Riverlands (Southern Wisconsin)

Provincial Seat: Caer Ceann Loch Chille Chiarain (Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland)

Provincial Home: Fanta Eccaia Londe

Caledonian Duchies

Name of Duchy: Norðreyar

Location: The Shetland and Orkney Islands, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: The Old Norse name for the Northern Islands.

Ruler(s): None at current time.

Name of Duchy: Na h-Innse Gall

Location: The Outer Hebrides and the half of Highland Northwest of the Great Glen Fault, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Taking one of the Scottish Gaelic names for the Outer Hebrides ("islands of the strangers")

Ruler(s): None at current time

Name of Duchy: Moireibh

Location: The half of Highland Southeast of the Great Glen Fault, Perth and Kinross, Moray, Aberdeenshire, and Aberdeen City, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Taking from the Scottish Gaelic name for the former Scottish Province of Moray, which encompassed much of Highland and Aberdeenshire. Translates to "sea settlement".

Ruler(s): None at current time

Name of Duchy: Gododdin

Location: Angus, Dundee City, Clackmannanshire, East Lothain, Midlothian, and Scottish Borders, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for the Gododdin, a British Celtic people of the Yr Hen Ogledd ("The Old North" in Welsh).

Ruler(s): None at current time

Name of Duchy: Rheged

Location: Dumfries and Galloway, South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, and South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Named for one of the kingdoms of the Yr Hen Ogledd ("The Old North" in Welsh). The possible Brittonic meaning is "Great Forest"

Ruler(s): None at current time

Name of Duchy: Alt Clut

Location: North Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, West Dumbartonshire, East Dumbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, West Lothian, City of Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Stirling, Scotland

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Brittonic name for the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde and its capital, Dumbarton Castle. Possible meaning is "The Rock of Clyde", in reference to Dumbarton Rock, upon which the castle  is built.

Ruler(s): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment


       Wind Point Lighthouse (or Windpoint Light Station) is a lighthouse located at the north end of Racine Harbor in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It is in the village of Wind Point, Wisconsin, on Lighthouse Road, next to the Shoop Park golf course. The lighthouse stands 108 feet tall. One of the oldest and tallest active lighthouses on the Great Lakes, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

       Wind Point Lighthouse was designed by Orlando Metcalfe Poe, a former Brigadier General in the Civil War. The lighthouse was constructed in 1880. It was lit for the first time on November 15, 1880. The beacon was originally powered by a three-wicked kerosene lamp, magnified by a third-order Fresnel lens. The light was electrified in 1924, and replaced a DCB-24R airport beacon in 1964. The DCB-24R failed in 2007, and was replaced by a VRB-25 lens. A signal house (horns removed, resonators still in place) remains on the grounds as well as a garage, two storage buildings, and an oil house. The Village of Wind Point has maintained the lighthouse and grounds since 1964, and uses the old keepers' quarters as a village hall and police headquarters. The park and lighthouse were transferred from the U.S. coast guard to the Village of Wind Point in 1997, with the requirement that it be maintained as an historical landmark. The lighthouse is open to tour on certain dates.

       (from Wikipedia)

Castle Rock

       Lying in Western Marinette County, Chequah Bikwaki - known as Thunder Mountain - stands as the centerpiece of Thunder Mountain State Natural Area, 18 minutes Northeast of Mountain, Wisconsin. 

       Thunder Mountain is a quartzite monadnock that rises 360 feet above the wetlands at its base and affords picturesque views of the surrounding Forest. It is one of the largest of several promontories in the southern portion of the Nicolet National Forest that are not drumlins, but are bedrock outcrops, predating the Pleistocene, actually of the Precambian era, dating to the early and middle Proterozoic division. It has exposed bedrock on the southern flank, and these support a rare plant. Two other rare plants are also found on the mountain. Several spring seeps are on the mountainside. The forest on the slopes is more southern in its biota than normally found on the Nicolet. It is classed as a southern dry-mesic forest, dominated by regenerating red oak and white oak, especially on the south facing slopes. The lowlands at the base contain white cedar and black ash swamps, a river corridor, and a small silver maple floodplain forest. Other notable species include the parasitic plant American cancer-root, and turkey vulture. Thunder Mountain is owned by the US Forest Service and was designated a State Natural Area in 2007.

(from the Wisconsin DNR website)

       Legends tell of a battle between a Thunderbird named Chequah, and a Great Serpent that lives within the mountain. The Serpent won the battle due to a mistake made by thoqse witnessing the battle, and the Serpent took Chequah prisoner into the mountain. The mountain h

Loch Ness

         The House on the Rock is a tourist attraction located between the cities of Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin. Opened in 1959, it is a complex of architecturally distinct rooms, streets, gardens, and shops designed by Alex Jordan Jr.

       The "house" itself is atop Deer Shelter Rock, a column of rock approximately 60 by 70 feet, by 200 feet on the top, which stands in a forest nearby. Additions were made to the original structure and other buildings added over the course of several decades. The complex now features "The Streets of Yesterday", a re-creation of an early twentieth century American town; "The Heritage of the Sea", featuring nautical exhibits and a 200-foot model of a fanciful whale-like sea creature; "The Music of Yesterday", a huge collection of automatic music machines; and what the management bills as "the world's largest indoor carousel", among other attractions. The carousel at the House on the Rock features 269 carousel animals, 182 chandeliers, over 20,000 lights, and hundreds of mannequin angels hanging from the ceiling. The carousel has no horses. During the winter, the attraction features a Christmas theme, with decorations and a large collection of Santa Claus figures. Many of the bathrooms are decorated with strange objects, including mannequins, flowers, and preserved animals.

       The House has inspired several authors and musical groups, the most prominent being author Neil Gaiman, who used it as an important plot point in his 2001 novel American Gods, along with the related 2017 television series. The 2017 film American Fable features parts of the house, including the carousel and Infinity Room, in a dream sequence.

       (from Wikipedia)

Alba Caledonia

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A view of

Caer Ceann Loch Chille Chiarain,

Former Seat of the Province of

Alba Caledonia

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