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The Imperial District of Fantasia

Named after the city of Fantasia from "the Neverending Story", Fantasia is the Imperial District of the Domain and Realms. 

Once located in - and doing double duty as Royal District for - the Realm of Snowdonia in the first years of the Domain (occupying the counties of Baraga, Houghton, Keewenaw, and a section of Marquette), it became the Royal District for the Realm of Sil Magra after the Troubles of 2004, before being permanently set in Ireland: occupying the Irish Counties of Dublin, Meath, and Louth, in 2005. It is from Fantasia and the permanent High Court of Caer RivenMyst that ur-Lord ShadowDarkFyre sets the seat of guardianship and rule of the Domain.

With the permanent setting of the High Court and Imperial District, the Imperial Rule has become much like the Irish High Kings of old, in that they often travelled the kingdoms, returning to the capital periodically. It is in this way that the ur-Lord conducts his rule: residing with his family in the Realm of the Dells. Since the first visit to the High Court in December of 2005, Lord Shadow returned ten years later in 2015. More frequent visits to Caer RivenMyst and the Temple Bar Stronghold are planned in the future. 

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Dublin Castle

Set at the confluence of the Rivers Liffey and Poddle, there has always been a fortification of some sort set at the Black Pool that gives the city and castle their name. (Dubh Linn - Black Pool - Dublin) The circular Castle Gardens, with its Celtic knotwork design set into the lawn, sets above the Black Pool itself,... or at least where it once sat. It, and the Poddle run under the streets  of Dublin and under the castle, before emptying into the Liffey.

Full Name: The Imperial and Independant District of Fantasia

Demonym: Fantasian

Population(current): 1

Ruler: ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance, ur-Lord

Flag: the Darkness and the Light(The Shadows and the Darkness occupying the left half. The flag of Snowdonia: the Snow in the Trees, on the right. The DarkFyre Heart and the SnowStar superimposed in the center. Represents ShadowDarkFyre and Snowaidene as the first rulers and protectors of the Domain.)

Anthem: "Awake and Alive", by Skillet

High Court: Caer RivenMyst(Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland)

Imperial Home: the Temple Bar Stronghold