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The Flag of Stomaria: The eight-pointed star symbolizes new beginnings. The color blue represents strength. The color white represents goodness.

The Xenophobia of Stomaria

by Shadow DarkFyre

February 8, 2023

       Stomaria is a known power amongst the micronational community. A federal constitutional monarchy based on the British Isles, Stomaria is a micronational empire of several member micronations flying their flags under its aegis, and seemingly welcoming more nations every day to join in the achievement of its goals: among them their green and charity initiatives.With objectives ranging from their economy to the environment, Stomaria is a nation that seems to have a clear and unwavering focus on its future.

       How it goes about achieving those goals, however, is what became the controversy of late: the empire's stated stance on the micronational community as a whole being seen as dismissive, arrogant, and xenophobic by some micronational leaders. 

       Long held to be a relatively open and welcoming community, it is rare when nations are seen in a considerable negative light: though reactions will vary from area to area in the community. One of the most notable examples of this was the restructuring of the Celestial Empire (one of a number of micronations focused on space exploration and settlement as technology and travel advance) into the Aryan National Socialist Empire (which espoused white supremacist views and those of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party) back in the early 2000s. Th community showed, in no uncertain terms, that racism and bigotry of any type were not welcome here.

       Stomaria has garnered similar attentions from some micronational leaders, but for different reasons.

       It came to light for many in the course of the past year the actual view the empire has taken concerning the wider micronational world. Essentially, if a nation doesn't espouse similar goals and outlooks as its own where growth and advancement is concerned, it does not see them as a real and valid nation. They have taken their stance so far as to eschew refering to themselves as a micronation in some respects, and - according to some reports - will have no dealings with nations other than those member nations of its empire, and: in accordance to its laws, restricts their member nations from doing the same.

       This is a stance that is not unheard of. In the history of modern micronationality, there have been literal hundreds of nations that have come and gone. While most espouse the community's sense of inclusion and welcome, some were known to choose the opposite.

Edward I: Emperor of Stomaria.

       It is this stance that leads to views of Stomaria becoming xenophobic, for whatever reasons they choose. It is this stance and others, however, that has led to the current controversy that rose in the wake of the departure of two of Stomaria's member nations: the Duchy of Bran-Howl and the Kingdom of Solacia. These events led to the opening of a proverbial can of worms, as many in the micronational community: most of them within the Reddit Micronation group, sounded off on the subject. The vast majority of opinions expressed were not in favor of Solacia: from the diplomatic to outright condemnation. Such reactions seem to indicate Solacia's track record with the micronational community at large.

The flag of

the Duchy of Bran-Howl

The flag of

the Kingdom of Solacia

       In a statement made one month ago on Reddit, Bran-Howl made its position clear. "It wasn't the decision (Emperor) Andrew made that I objected to, it was the childish, redfaced, spoilt brat attitude that I saw that repulsed me and in that moment it was clear that this guy with his poorly thought out vanity project does not represent me or my goals. So I left." Afterwards, they politely and diplomatically washed their hands of the affair, encouraging other nations to "move on to better and more constructive things."

       For their part, Solacia wanted to make sure that the air was sufficiently cleared on the subject.

       In a video posted January 14, 2023 on Solacia's YouTube channel, Queen Niamh Iltani went into detail, dissecting a video Emperor Andrew had made concerning the split: which he called Stomaria's first civil war. You can view it below.

       Emperor Edward denies being bothered by the negative reactions to his stance on how he rules the Stomarian Empire, seeming to double-down on the appearace of straightforwardness and transparency with the outside world, as he distances himself from the general micronational fold and takes the road that would bring him closer to actual nationhood: a feat that has been backhandedly achieved for decades - by luck, the Divine, or both - by the legendary Principality of Sealand. According to those micronational leaders acquainted with or familiar with the workings of the emperor, that appearance is only skin deep, and that this controversy is opportune in that it will allow the wider community to see Emperor Edward for the kind of leader he truly is. Time will tell as to what side of the line the lion's share of opinions fall, but for now, it seems that all parties are moving forward from the event.

Queen Niamh Iltani of Solacia

       It bears noting that the dynamic nature of micronationality mirrors that of life itself: both the promises and the prices. As each nation is unique, each will decide it's own path, it's own destiny, and who to ally themselves with in the doing. Sometimes the alliances and sense of community win out and the community is stronger. Other times, there are those who are not or choose not to be conducive to the community as a whole. The micronational community hs had many types come and go: from the satirical and commentary, to serious nationhood acquisition and - unfortunately - frauds. The vast majority of the community, however, stands on the common ground of shared goodwill, reasoning, interaction, freedom, and growth: just a few of the ideals of life that have long been hallmarks of micronational life.

       It seems that Stormark has chosen its path of isolationism at an ill-opportune time. In a day and age in which it seems things are becoming unstable, for any micronation, alone is not the advisable stance to take. Not when there is the shared strength of the community as a whole.

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