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StarStone University

       StarStone University is part of the larger educational system within the Domain: partnered with the Domani National Library and the Healers Hall of the Domain.

       It began in 2005 as the Domani School of Magick and Belief, headmastered by then-Lord Wyrd Kaos of the Realm of Sil Magra. It was a project that was often worked on but never seemed to get off the ground, while other Domani departments launched and grew. Eventually, it went into mothballs a few years later, till more time and resources could be devoted to fleshing it out. 

       During what is known as the Domain's Watchful Peace (2011 - 2018) began independantly teaching wizardry and basic magick classes in his spare time, alongside his usual duties of administering to the Domain. Not long after the Watchful Peace ended, Lord Shadow restructured and reimagined the Domani School: melding the Twilight Squires program and his wizard lessons he was teaching separately from the Domain into the program, and beginning to build on and around that foundation from there.

       The name "StarStone" was inspired by an exclamatory phrase used by the Character Harry Dresden in the urban fantasy series "The Dresden Files": "Stars and stones". The character learns from other older wizards and creatures later in the series that the saying has more important meaning and import than he was told, and to not use it so lightly or in vain: referring to them in the proper noun sense, "The Stars and Stones". When asked to tell more, the characters make it clear in no unertain terms that to do so is above their pay grade, as it were. And gravely so. This tone indicates that the knowledge behind the saying is to be taken very seriously. This points to two well known sayings: "Knowledge is power" and "With great power comes great responsibility".Which fits well with the purpose of the institution, as magickal practices and lore of different kinds will be taught within the University: subjects that should never be taken lightly. Hence the three words that serve as the University Motto: Knowledge, Power, Responsibility. And so, StarStone University came to be.

       Currently, the Twilight Squires Academy is the more active school in the University, as Squires are being trained into Knights and Nobles at any one time. Soon, others schools will appear on the virtual campus: the DarkFyre Academy of Wizardry, the Domani Academy of Law, and others.

       Small steps.

       The different schools within the University, and what we look forward to having.

       The colors and symbols of the university, and their meanings.

       Who we have on staff.

       How to sign up for classes, and who to contact for help.

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