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The University Structure

       StarStone University exists as an online university, with it's own dedicated Discord Server. It is divided into Academies, Unions, and Halls. 


       Academies are the centers of learning in the University, and will each cover various subjects as faculty join and curricula are devised. 


       Unions will serve as student unions for the various members of the student body: for social, study, and other functions pertaining to student life. 


       Halls are where resources can be acquired and where students can interact with faculty outside the classroom.


       The current academies, Unions, Halls, and other sections are:


       The Welcome Hall - Where you can find general information on the University, its functions, and general events.


       The Hall of Houses and Orders - More specifically for students of the Twilight Squires Academy, but open to all, this Hall is where students come to learn about the various Noble Houses, Commoner Houses, and Knightly Orders that they may look to join by choice (for regular Commoner students or Squires interested in the Commoner Houses) or requirement (for those training for Nobility and Knighthood combined)


       The Faculty Hall - This is where the teachers and heads of the Academies can be contacted by students when it comes to after class questions or help needed pertaining to their education. Announcements and notes pertaining to certain classes will often be found here.


       The University Library - Here, lists of books and information required for certain classes can be found, with links on where to purchase them online.


       The Headmaster's Office - Where the Headmaster posts announcements, changes, current events, and other information pertaining to the University, as well as other resources that might not be found elsewhere in the University Limited messages can also be left for the Headmaster here.


       Magickal Alley - Here, various links to magickal and metaphysical shops will be posted and listed for students when it comes to needed supplies for whatever class.


       Twilight Squires Academy - The Academy where Commoner citizens come to train for Knighthood and Nobility. 

       The Academiae Ars MagickaThis is where classes on general magickal theory and practice will be taught to students.


       Youth Union - The Student Union for students ages 9-12.


       Young Adult Union - The Student Union for Students ages 13-20.


       Adult Union - The Student Union for students 21 and over.


       Teachers in the University follow the philosophy of "teach what you know". We recognize that everyone has some levelof knowledge or skills beneficial to share with the community. Those with a willing heart to serve as teachers here at StarStone.


       Teachers are given the freedom to choose or negotiate compensation for their services with the students, within reasonalble parementers set by the University. are welcome to teach and be of service to the students and the community as a whole


       As the University develops, check back here for more information

       Our history, trials and errors, and where we see ourselves going.

       The colors and symbols of the university, and their meanings.

       Who we have on staff.

       How to sign up for classes, and who to contact for help.

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