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The University Symbology

       StarStone University began as the Domani School of Belief and Magick. It's current name was inspired in part by a oft-used saying in Jim Butcher's urban fantasy series, "The Dresden Files". In the series, the phrase "Stars and Stones" begins as an exclamatory phrase, until it is slowly revealed that there is far more to the statement than just a saying used in the magickal community of the series. 

       The saying also, brings reminders of the various megalithic sites around the world that are left from us to learn from today. From the Pyramids of Giza, to Stonehenge, to the mound city of Cahokia, and beyond. These ancient sites were where people lived and learned. Sites aligned with the stars above, measuring the passage of time and helping us to learn more about the Universe around us. It wasn't hard to run with the inspiration, and the Domani School easily became StarStone University.

       The emblem for the university is intricate, and reflects the above statement. In the center is a standing stone (or menhir, specifically the Menhir de Champ-Dolent, located in Brittany, France) superimposed upon a starburst: representing the name of the school and its meaning. Superimposed upon that is a blue triquetra: representing the Sacred Three, represented in various ways in various religions and paths, as well as three being a prime number. in the center of the triquetra is the Binary: symbol of the Imperium of the Domain and Realms, which was responsible for the reformation and foundation of StarStone.

       All of this is set in the center of a greein triangle entwined with a green circle. The words "Knowledge. Power. Responsibility." are upon the three sides of the triangle, which is representative of two well-known sayings: "Knowledge is power" and "With great power comes great responsibility". The circle signifies that this is a continual cycle. It not only points out that learning is empowering and that there is responsibility in gaining that power, but also that neither of the three points ever end. You never truly stop learning. Power only transforms, and is never destroyed. Responsibility is a continual act of vigilance where power is concerned. 

       The university colors are midninght-blue and forest green: as shown in the coloring of the school emblem. The blue represents the night sky, as well as the spirit. The green represents the earth and nature. The home we all share, learn from, and are responsible for.

       Our history, trials and errors, and where we see ourselves going.

       The different schools within the University, and what we look forward to having.

       Who we have on staff.

       How to sign up for classes, and who to contact for help.

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