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The Faculty

       Currently, StarStone University is running at minimum, as it has only just begun: with the Twilight Squires Academy and just recently the Academiae Ars Magicka being the only two academies presently running in the university, and the student attendance being at its bare minimum. 

       Among the other responsibilities that he has, not the least of which being the ur-Lord of the Domain, ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron currently serves not only as Headmaster of the University, but also Dean of both academies as well as instructor, while he works to flesh out the faculty with those who wish to serve as educators in the University.

       In the future, we hope to have more faculty to introduce to you. Till then, it is all on Lord Shadow.

       Our history, trials and errors, and where we see ourselves going.

       The different schools within the University, and what we look forward to having.

       The colors and symbols of the university, and their meanings.

       How to sign up for classes, and who to contact for help.

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